48" SlurryFlo Control Valve

Think Big.

This 48” full rated ANSI 150 SlurryFlo control valve is one of two in a challenging ‘recycled plant water’ application. Despite the wide-spread flow rates, high pressure drop conditions and cavitation, these valves remain in operation (with their original trims) after nearly 10 years. Note that our trim geometry is well suited for cavitation, as the collapsing bubbles are kept within the center of the pipe, away from the valve body and pipe wall.

Every SlurryFlo control valve also comes with continued engineering service and support. As this client’s flow conditions changed, our engineering team developed a specific control narrative for each valve (which are installed in series). The narrative was then translated into PLC logic for controlling the valves in various scenarios. This helped manage the higher pressure drops and reduce cavitation.

At this size, SlurryFlo’s lower capital cost, higher performance and quicker lead time make it an ideal control valve for any process; they’re not just for slurry!