Large Diameter Slurry Control Valves

Meet the Towering Twins 💪

These freshly fabricated 32” ANSI 300 control valves are heading to their new home in the Canadian Oil Sands. Designed for severe service in a harsh environment, these giants will modulate fluids that are both abrasive and corrosive.

You may have noted that SlurryFlo’s traditional red paint is missing… it has been replaced with a special Teflon coating to prevent Microbial Induced Corrosion (a first for SlurryFlo). As for abrasion, SlurryFlo’s patented trim geometry, centered flow technology and tungsten carbide wear materials will ensure a lengthy service life.

Adding to the valve’s size are a pair of (customer specified) electro-hydraulic REXA, Inc. actuators. These robust units will provide precise control while enduring Canada’s extreme northern climate.