SlurryFlo Control Valves can be built from 3 to 60 inches in diameter.
Our control valves are available for 2 to 60 inch pipe diameters. Consult the team at SAF for larger sizes.


SlurryFlo Control Valves manufactures to CWP, ANSI 150, ANSI 300 and ANSI 600 standards,
From low pressure gravity fed applications to systems with 1500 PSI, SAF manufactures valves to CWP, ANSI 150, ANSI 300 and ANSI 600 standards.


SlurryFlo Control Valves have no limitations on the type of materials such as Stainless Steel, Titanium or Platinum.
As metallurgy is highly dependent on application specifications, our control valves are available in dozens of standard and exotic materials (e.g. Carbon steel, 316 Stainless steel, Hastelloy, SuperDuplex, Titanium, etc). There are no limitations on materials.


SlurryFlo Control Valves are custom manufactured to engineer speciifications.
Each SlurryFlo control valve is custom manufactured to our engineers exact specifications.
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Class IV Shut Off

If an application requires the valve to modulate clean fluid, there are several designs that will provide both tight shut-off and control. However, when the media contains solids (i.e. slurry), there is no perfect valve. The designs typically chosen to modulate slurry will provide tight shut-off when brand new, but often leak shortly after being in service.

SlurryFlo control valves provide Class IV shut-off when new and well into their service life. The unique metal-to-metal seating surface overlaps to maintain Class IV, even after substantial wear. A Class IV shut-off isolates 99.99% of the flow.

SlurryFlo Control Valves have a Class IV Shut off.

Custom Engineering

SAF engineers use state-of-the-art design and flow-modeling software to build and test control valves in a virtual world. They create unique flow characteristics and select materials for optimal abrasion resistance. The result is a customized control valve that meets your exact application requirements.

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Control Valve Automation

All SlurryFlo control valves are designed and manufactured in Canada, allowing our engineering team to adapt the top plate to suit any actuator type, brand and model. There is no limit to the level of complexity and technology we can incorporate into each valve.

SlurryFlo Control Valves can adapt the top plate to suit any actuator type, brand or model.

Increase Your Return On Investment

Read through case studies to learn how our slurry flow control valves minimize the effects of control valve erosion and can increase your application's performance.

Valve Dimensions

SlurryFlo Control Valve specification dimensions. SlurryFlo Control Valve specification dimensions. SlurryFlo Control Valve notes for specification dimensions.

SAF also manufactures a full range of ANSI 600 SlurryFlo control valves for higher pressure applications (rated to 1480 PSI working pressure). Please consult our engineering team if dimensional specifications are required.

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Parts Breakdown

Breakdown of a SlurryFlo Control Valve's parts.
NOTE: Image above is an example of a standard fabricated control valve with a pneumatic actuator.

Canadian Registration Numbers (CRN):

SlurryFlo Control Valve Canadian Registration Numbers.
1. British Columbia - Exempt*
2. Alberta - OC08667.2
3. Saskatchewan - Exempt*
4. Manitoba - OC08667.24
5. Ontario - OC08667.25
6. Quebec - OC08667.26
7. New Brunswick - OC08667.27
8. PEI - OC08667.29
9. Newfoundland - OC08667.20
10. Nova Scotia - OC08667.28
11. Yukon - OC08667.2Y
12. NW Territories - OC08667.2T
13. Nunavut - OC08667.2N

Special Alloy Fabricators holds Canada wide CRN's for all control valve designs, sizes and pressure classes.