Optimizing flotation with control valves

Flotation technology is an integral part of the mining and mineral processing industry, with numerous systems installed all over the world. This technology is commonly used in base metal processing (iron ore, copper and gold), mineral processing (phosphate and potash), and within the energy sector (coal and oil sands).

There is growing demand to increase their performance, while simultaneously decreasing operating costs and environmental footprints. Effectively controlling flotation tailings plays a significant role in their efficiency. 
SlurryFlo control valves have successfully provided flotation technology solutions in mechanical flotation cells and column flotation cells. Each flotation system has unique challenges and requirements that are well suited to SlurryFlo Control Valve technology. Our goals are to improve tailings flow control and reduce valve wear rates. The following are three (3) key benefits that SlurryFlo offers the flotation industry.
SlurryFlo control valve increasing flotation cell efficiency.

Increased efficiency and smaller footprint

Commonly used control valves, such as dart valves or pinch valves, pose several challenges to flotation cell efficiency. Due to their substantial size, they often have elevated capital/operating costs and energy consumption. In certain designs, where a dart valve is located inside the tank, the physical space consumed by the valve can impact fluid dynamics and increase the overall footprint of the flotation cell. 

SlurryFlo control valves are manufactured with the shortest face-to-face dimensions on the market. By installing our valves immediately outside the tank, the tank's diameter can be reduced, while minimizing the distance required between cells. As a result, the multi-stage flotation system footprint can be condensed when utilizing our technology.
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SlurryFlo Control Valves for severe service Flotation Cell

Severe service design with replaceable Wear components

Common control valves are susceptible to relatively rapid erosion and can be challenging to maintain or repair, resulting in costly replacements. For example, tanks must be drained to service dart valves, incurring downtime and lower production. 

In comparison, SlurryFlo control valves have simple maintenance and repair procedures. Due to our patented design, only the trim components are exposed to erosive flow. Once they do eventually wear out, the parts can be field replaced to reset the service life clock. SlurryFlo control valves are custom engineered for their intended application and provide a quantum leap in service life compared to traditional control valves.
Control Valve for Flotation Cells

Modular design for changing flow conditions

Variables such as process changes or revised flow conditions can significantly impact the performance of typical control valves. In many instances, the application may require an entirely new valve assembly to accommodate the new flow requirements. 

SlurryFlo control valves provide an economical solution to replacing control valve assemblies. If flotation tailings properties change (such as changes to particle size or percentage of solids), a new seat plate can be installed to increase or decrease flow rates. Each trim replacement essentially provides a new valve at a fraction of the cost.
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