how long do slurryflo control valves last in service?

SlurryFlo Control Valve centered flow render.
SlurryFlo control valves excel in applications where valve performance and life expectancy are critical. Our patented trim design acts like a variable orifice, centering high velocity abrasive flow within the pipe. This protects the valve body and the integrity of the downstream piping. The typical service life of a SlurryFlo control valve is 3-10 times longer than other control valves in severe service.
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In any given application, there are several variables that can affect a valve’s wear rate.
Fluid Velocity
Friction & Lubrication
Surface Load
Surface Hardness & Finish
Size & Shape of Particles
Although the above information may be known, the mechanics and mathematical prediction of wear is highly complex. Therefore, service life is best determined through the periodic inspection and maintenance of valves that are installed and in operation.

To enhance the custom trim design on each valve and provide the best possible wear resistance, SAF engineers carefully select advanced materials based on laboratory testing and field experience. The result is a control valve with extreme abrasion resistance, delivering a quantum leap in performance.

Wear Components

SlurryFlo control valves are made from extreme abrasion resistant materials such as tungsten carbide to increase valve service life.
Small diameter control valves include a gate and seat plate made of sintered tungsten carbide, which approaches the hardness and wear resistance of diamond. The metal trim components on larger control valves receive a state-of-the-art welded overlay, such as PTA tungsten carbide, which resists abrasion incredibly well.

Replaceable Trim Components

SlurryFlo valves have a modular design that allows for trim components to be replaced
Only the trim components are exposed to erosive flow on SlurryFlo control valves. Once the components eventually wear, a quick trim replacement essentially provides the client with a new valve at a fraction of the cost. There is no need to replace the entire valve assembly.
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