what Happens if your flow conditions change?

In general, clients who operate SlurryFlo control valves are pleased with the performance and extended service life they observe. However, in some circumstances, one or more variables can result in a valve design that requires re-evaluation. Variables such as revised flow conditions, changes to the process, new piping geometry and valve relocation can significantly affect valve behavior. Should this occur, Special Alloy Fabricators' engineering team will implement the following 3 Stage approach.

The Valve Performance Monitoring Program

application Assessment
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design modification
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valve monitoring & maintenance
SlurryFlo Control Valve

Stage 1: application assessment

Upon initial assessment, SAF engineering will request the following application details from the client:
  • Valve Modulating History
  • Volume Flow Rates
  • Inlet and Outlet Pressures
  • Media Density and Temperature
  • Piping Layout Diagram
The above information will be analyzed and compared with the data provided during the valve design phase. If possible, photos of the gate, seat plate and bore liner (both upstream and downstream) would provide our engineers with greater clarity of the current situation.

Stage 2: design modification

SAF engineering will consult with the client to optimize valve performance and service life. Possible modifications may include (but are not limited to) the following:
  • Revising the trim geometry to optimize throttling positions and flow paths through the valve.
  • Replacing various valve materials to match the new process conditions.
  • The addition of a downstream RocketPlate (orifice plate) to achieve an optimal control characteristic.
Custom C1 Trim Geometry for slurry control valve.
Custom B1 Trim Geometry for slurry control valve.
Reduced C1
Custom Reduced C1 Trim Geometry for slurry control valve
Custom C2 Trim Geometry for slurry control valve
Custom trim geometries to increase valve performance.
Custom E1 Trim Geometry for slurry control valve.

trim Revision Examples

Stage 3: maintenance & monitoring

Once the modifications have been implemented and the client has reinstalled their control valve, SAF will recommend a simple maintenance program. The goal is to ensure the pressure containing valve body is never compromised. In theory, the body should last forever if the trim components are replaced once worn; this essentially provides the client with a new valve at a fraction of the cost.
SlurryFlo control valves have replaceable wear components.
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