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Slurry Service

In various applications throughout the mining industry, high pressure service, abrasive media, and cavitation can pose challenging conditions for flow control valves.

Each high pressure application has unique challenges and requirements that are well suited to SlurryFlo's control valve technology. Our engineers are experts at providing solutions for your critical applications containing abrasive and/or cavitating media.
Traditionally, multi-orifice pressure reduction devices, such as globe valves with anti-cavitation trims have been utilized to mitigate cavitation and turbulent flow. In many instances however, control valves with “multi-stage continuous-resistance trims” have a short service life and limited control capacities over a wide range of operating conditions. If scale or slurries are present, the small orifices in these types of trims are prone to erosion and plugging.
Anti cavitation globe valve trims
Traditional 'anti-cavitation' control valve trims for pressure reduction.
The Ultimate Solution

Multi-Stage SlurryFlo Control Valves

For the ultimate solution to high pressure drop applications with complex control narratives, SlurryFlo control valves may be installed in series. This provides unparalleled service life, with maximum control capacities over a wide range of operating conditions.

While having two control valves in series adds complexity, when modulating in concert with each other, it is a seamless and effective solution.
Multi Stage SlurryFlo control valves for pressure reduction in tailings
Severe Service SlurryFlo Control Valve for Mining and Oilsands

Designed for Severe Service

In a challenging recycled water oilsands application, the client installed two 48” ANSI 150 SlurryFlo control valves in series. Despite the wide-spread flow rates, high pressure drop conditions and cavitation, these valves remain in operation (with their original trims) after nearly 10 years.

SlurryFlo control valves also include continued engineering service and support. As this client’s flow conditions changed, our engineering team developed a specific control narrative for each valve. The narrative was then translated into PLC logic for controlling the valves in various scenarios. This helped manage the higher pressure drops and reduce cavitation.
The SlurryFlo Advantage

Restriction Orifice &
SlurryFlo Control Valve

If a wide-spread control narrative is not required, the second control valve may be substituted with a RocketPlate. Working together, this system combines the benefits of ‘fixed’ pressure reduction (orifice plate) with a variable orifice (control valve) to modulate the flow.

This solution is effective for modulating applications containing high % solids and high levels of cavitation, vibration, or noise.
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SlurryFlo control valve for high pressure reduction

SlurryFLo Cavitation Control

SlurryFlo control valve custom designed trim for cavitation
Custom engineered SlurryFlo control valve trim.
Custom restriction orifice plate for cavitation and vibration reduction
RocketPlate installed downstream of control valve.
In a challenging mining application, the previously installed ball valve (with an anti-cavitation trim) had a short service life due to erosion from high % solid content, excessive vibration, and cavitation. The vibration was severe enough to regularly damage the valve actuator and limit the process throughput.  

SAF engineers recommended replacing the ball valve with a SlurryFlo Control Valve and a downstream RocketPlate to share the required pressure drop and mitigate cavitation. This combination significantly reduced the cavitation and vibration. As a result, the actuator was protected from vibration damage, allowing for a higher process throughput that was not previously achievable.

Why Select SlurryFlo Control Valves?

SlurryFlo provides the following advantages in high pressure drop applications:
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Improved performance and reliability.
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Reduced maintenance costs.
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Centered flow, protecting the valve body and downstream piping from wear.
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Field repairable wear components can be changed out quickly and easily.
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Tailored process control.
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Similar or lower capital cost, and quicker delivery compared to other large diameter control valves.
SlurryFlo Control Valve
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Fixed PRessure Reduction

Restriction Orifice Plates

For applications where only fixed pressure reduction is required, high performance restriction orifice plates (RocketPlates) can be installed in series. The orifice plates share the drop, while minimizing or eliminating noise and cavitation.
Mutli stage restriction orifice plates for pressure reduction in cavitation slurryCFD model of multi stage restriction orifice plates RocketPlates.
SlurryFlo’s engineering team implements iterative sizing calculations to achieve a staged pressure reduction system, meeting end user process requirements. Once a theoretical design is created, we use a fluid simulation tool (CFD) to verify flows and optimize the multi-orifice plate arrangement.

Additional RocketPlates Benefits

RocketPlates feature high performance materials for extreme resistance to erosion and corrosion. Our 3-piece RocketPlate design allows end users to replace the carbide disc. This simple change-out essentially provides a new RocketPlate, as the metal housing should never experience wear.

Another advantage is that different orifice geometries can be specified without needing to replace the entire assembly (i.e. if flow conditions change, the RocketPlate can be modified to suit). Learn more about these high performance orifice plates at
3-Piece restriction orifice plates for abrasive and erosive slurries.
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