Does Upstream Sediment Build-Up Affect SlurryFlo Control Valves?

We're often asked, "what happens to the flow if sediment accumulates upstream of a SlurryFlo control valve?"
Our response is that, since the first SlurryFlo control valve was installed, there has not been a single reported case of sediment build-up. However, to settle any concerns, our engineers modelled a typical SlurryFlo application, applied sediment in front of the control valve, and simulated various flow scenarios (via CFD).
SlurryFlo Control Valve with centered flow.
The above CFD simulation result (velocity profile) illustrates the effects of sediment accumulation.
Based on simulation results, SAF engineers determined the following:
  1. Sediment build-up provides a gradual change in flow direction as it approaches the valve trim.
  2. The solids create a ramp effect, increasing the valve’s Cv by ~5%.
  3. Flow through the valve is not affected; it is nicely centered, away from the pipe wall.
  4. Our results indicate slightly lower downstream flow recirculation.
While no reports of upstream sediment build-up have been received, it can be concluded that there would be no detrimental effects to the valve (or flow dynamics). If fact, one could argue that any build-up would improve the valve’s performance.
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