do control valves have a preferred flow direction & piping layout?

Many control valves (and all SlurryFlo control valves) are uni-direction, meaning they are designed to operate in one flow direction only. Installing these valves incorrectly, or reversing the direction of flow during operation may cause premature wear and/or catastrophic valve failure, as well as damage to piping and ancillary equipment. Upon installation, look for directional flow arrows on the control valve indicating the correct orientation.

Piping Layout

It is best to install control valves between sufficient lengths of straight run pipe. This will minimize turbulence in general and allow the flow exiting the valve to redevelop. The following piping set-up is recommended:
3X pipe diameters of straight pipe.
6X pipe diameters of straight pipe.
SlurryFlo control valve diagram depicting the necessary length of pipe upstream and downstream.
NOTE: Please consult SAF if the application cannot accommodate the recommended piping set-up.
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