CFD of V-Ball Valve directing abrasive slurry to the side of the piping.

The Problem

8" pinch control Valve

This Australian client had selected pinch valves to regulate discharge on their cyclone separators. As the slurry is highly abrasive, the maintenance group were required to replace all pinch valve sleeves every seven days.

With the need for multiple cyclones on site, the costs associated with replacement parts, labour, weekly downtime and lost production were significant.
service life:
7 Days
Maintenance Costs:
$3,500/Sleeve(+ Downtime + Labour)
CFD of a SlurryFlo control valve centering abrasive slurry, preventing damage to downstream piping.

The solution

8" SlurryFlo Control Valve

Upon retrofitting each cyclone separator with a SlurryFlo control valve, the client quickly observed a quantum leap in wear performance. After several weeks of routine inspections, it was decided to leave the new valves unattended for extended periods.

Our patented trim design, variable orifice technology and super hard wear materials now provide the client with 15 months of continuous service.
service life:
15 Months
Maintenance Costs:
$8,500/Trim Kit(+ Downtime + Labour)

Return on Investment

Pinch Control Valve
~ $227,500 / year
(+ Downtime + Labour)
SlurryFlo Control Valve
~ $8,500 / year
(+ Downtime + Labour)
Annual Savings (Per Valve)
~ $219,000 / year
(+ Downtime + Labour)
Case Study
SlurryFlo vs. Butterfly Valves
Case Study
SlurryFlo vs. V-Port Ball Valves
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