Knife Gate Valve with erosion damage due to abrasive slurry flow

The Problem

24" Heavy Duty Knife Gate Valves

A client in the Canadian oil sands had installed severe service knife gate valves to modulate slurry from their Primary Separation Cells.

When throttling these valves, high velocity flow occurred at the acute angles between the gate and valve body, accelerating the rate of wear.

The service life of these heavy-duty valves was measured in days. Upon failure, operations were paused, and the valves were replaced. Unfortunately, the costs associated with frequent shutdowns and lost production were costing the company millions annually.
service life:
3 Weeks
SlurryFlo Control Valve in Modulating Position at 50% Open

The solution

24" SlurryFlo Control Valves

After replacing their knife gate valves with SlurryFlo control valves, the client quickly observed a significant return on investment.

Our patented trim design centers the abrasive slurry flow, protecting the valve body (and downstream piping) from erosion damage.

The SlurryFlo valves now provide more than 10X the service life of the knife gate valves, saving the client millions of dollars in downtime and repair costs.
service life:
54 Weeks

The SlurryFlo Difference

Unlike conventional knife gate valves, SlurryFlo control valves are designed for throttling tough slurries.

Design comparison between Knife Gate Valve and SlurryFlo control valve
When used to control abrasive media, conventional knife gate valves direct high velocity flows into the valve body and downstream pipe, accelerating wear. By comparison, our patented valve design eliminates acute angles, and centers the flow through an orifice created by the gate and seat plate.

The SlurryFlo control valve's trim design ensures that only the wear components (gate, seat plate and bore liner) are exposed to erosive flow. Once eventually worn, these parts are field replaced to reset the service life clock. These valves will outlast anything you’ve ever used.
Case Study
SlurryFlo vs. V-Port Ball Valves
Case Study
SlurryFlo vs. Butterfly Valves
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