RCW Injection For Tailings Slurry

Recycle water (RCW) is used in various processes throughout oil sands facilities; such as flushing (or priming) tailings lines, dilution of primary separation cells, facilitating bitumen separation from tailings, and hydro-transport.

RCW is comprised of reclaimed water from tailings ponds, and raw water from rivers. Depending on its required function in the process, RCW can hold a wide range of temperatures, and often includes trace amounts of solids, minerals, and chemicals.

The Problem: Sanding in Tailings Lines

When diverting flow from one line to another, such as switching from the 'Composite Tailings Plant' to the 'Coarse Sand Tailings Distributor' (see example below), slurry lines are often susceptible to sanding.
Recycle Water Injection Process Diagram Overview
Unless the empty line was properly flushed with RCW, sanding will likely have obstructed the line. If the line is blocked with settled sand and rocks, there are significant costs associated with lost production and service charges to clean out the line.

The Solution: RCW Flush Dilution Control

Prior to diverting the flow of tailings, SlurryFlo control valves modulate an RCW injection, priming the empty line. This flush quickly (and easily) prevents sanding and costly shutdowns.
SlurryFlo control valves are custom engineered to provide superior flow control, eliminating the risk of excessively reducing the RCW header pressure, and compromising other systems reliant on RCW.

Our engineered solutions also deliver a quantum leap in valve service life, while reducing the overall cost of ownership for your most demanding applications.

The SlurryFlo Advantage

SlurryFlo provides the following advantages in recycle water applications:
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3-10x longer service life.
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Custom engineered trim geometry.
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Precise flow control.
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Field replaceable wear components.
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Engineering support for evolving process conditions.
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Centered flow to prevent downstream pipe wear.
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Low total cost of ownership.
SlurryFlo Control Valves with Tungsten Carbide Trim Components.
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