Slurry Control Valves in the Bayer Process

Throughout the Bayer process, control valves are installed to regulate the flow of various slurries. Due to a high solids content, this process can be demanding on valves and piping systems.

Poor throttling characteristics, erosion, and additional maintenance due to valve and pipe wear are challenges that SAF's SlurryFlo control valve technology has overcome.
Within the Bayer circuit, various slurries are pumped through a series of refining processes to produce aluminum oxide. During the mixing, digestion and filtration stages, high performance throttling valves are required to regulate the abrasive slurry flow.
The Bayer Process Diagram in Bauxite Alumina Processing.
Improving process efficiency begins with selecting severe service control valves that are reliable, highly wear resistant, and provide a wide range of engineered control characteristics.

For optimal performance, SAF engineers work directly with clients to produce a customized control valve for their specific application requirements and control narrative.

The Problem With Conventional Control Valves

Common control valves (such as V-port ball valves) direct high velocity slurry into the valve's body and downstream piping, eroding both. This results in poor system performance, significant maintenance costs, and loss of production.
Ball Valve CFD model - high velocity jet directed towards valve body
CFD simulation showing velocity gradients through a V-port ball valve (modulating at 50% open). The red zones indicate high velocity flow impinging upon the valve body, ball, and downstream piping.

The Only Slurry Control Valve Designed to Mitigate Erosion

In comparison, SlurryFlo's unique trim design directs abrasive flow through the center of the valve, protecting the valve's body and downstream pipe from erosion. SlurryFlo control valves typically outperform the valves they replace and remain in service anything from 3 to 10 times longer.
SlurryFlo centered flow design CFD model.
CFD simulation showing velocity gradients through a SlurryFlo control valve (modulating at 50% open). The red zones indicate high velocity flow, centered within the valve and downstream pipe.

The SlurryFlo Advantage

SlurryFlo control valves provide several other benefits for alumina processing applications, such as:
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Reduced maintenance costs.
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Tailored process control.
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Super hard wear components.
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Field replaceable trims.
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Continued engineering support.
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Outstanding return on investment.
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SlurryFlo control valve for alumina slurry
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