• Control Valve

    Control Valves
    The toughest control valve in the world

    The Toughest Control Valve in the World

    Through intensive research and development using state-of-the-art software, SlurryFlo has created a revolutionary, engineered custom control valve that outperforms the competition in highly abrasive applications
  • Control Valve Flow

    Centered Flow
    SlurryFlo protects the valve’s body

    Centered Flow

    SlurryFlo control valves provide exceptional performance and reliability. The patented gate profile and unique orifice trims are custom designed for controlling any application – from water to extremely abrasive slurries. By directing flow through the center of the valve, SlurryFlo protects the valve's body and downstream piping from erosion and cavitation, providing unparalleled service life.
  • Control Valve Engineering

    Custom Engineered
    SlurryFlo control valves are custom engineered.

    Custom Engineered

    SlurryFlo engineers use state-of-the-art design and flow modeling software to build and test each valve in a virtual world. They create unique control characteristics and select materials for optimal abrasion resistance. The result is a customized control valve that meets your exact application requirements.
  • Control Valve Replaceable Parts

    Replaceable Parts
    SlurryFlo parts are field replaceable.

    Replaceable Parts

    All wear components of a SlurryFlo can be ordered and are field replaceable.
  • Control Valve Applications

    SlurryFlo Applications
    SlurryFlo control valves operate in many applications

    SlurryFlo Applications

    Don't let our name fool you, SlurryFlo control valves operate in many applications including Oilsands, Hard Rock, and Potash Mining, Smelting & Processing, Cement, Sand & Silica, Water / Waste Water Treatment, Pulp & Paper, and Power Generation.

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SlurryFlo also manufactures custom engineered orifice plates for fixed pressure reduction and flow restriction. We call them RocketPlates.

RocketPlates - The World's Toughest Orifice Plates

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