SlurryFlo Control valve for severe service mining and mineral processing applications.

Rethink Your Slurry Valves.

SlurryFlo control valves are designed for maximum wear resistance in severe services throughout the mining and mineral processing industry. From gold, copper, iron and lithium to bauxite-slurry alumina processing, SlurryFlo’s unique patented valve design delivers a quantum leap in service life, lasting 3-10x longer than other severe service control valves.

Control Valve Solutions For Mining & Minerals

SlurryFlo control valves are custom engineered to your exact application requirements. With a unique variable orifice design, specialized trim geometry and field replaceable wear components, SlurryFlo valves excel in any application where performance and life expectancy are critical. Our technology is well suited for highly abrasive, erosive, and corrosive applications around the world; these valves will outlast anything you’ve ever used.
Control Valve with maximum wear resistance for slurry applications

The SlurryFlo Advantage

Custom Engineered
Zero Damage to the Valve Body
Centralized Flow
Reduced Piping Wear
Extreme Abrasion Resistance
Reduced Downtime & Maintenance
Patented Trim Design
State-of-the-art 3D/CFD Software
Field Replaceable Wear Components
Dozens of Standard and Exotic Materials
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