Diluted Froth
Slurry Application

SlurryFlo Case Study | Company A

The Problem

6" V-port Ball Valve (IN 10" LINE)

A ball valve directs abrasive flow to one side of the valve and piping, damaging both.

Flow Conditions

Inlet Pressure: 395 kPa-g
Specific Gravity: 1.0
% Solids: 8.4
Outlet Pressure: 325 kPa-g
Flow: 138 m3 /hr

Service Life: 

Brand A < 6 months
Brand B < 3 months

The solution

10" SlurryFlo Control Valve

SlurryFlo’s patented trim design acts as variable orifice, centering the abrasive flow. This protects the pressure containing valve body and the integrity of the downstream piping.

Service Life: greater than 3 years

Due to SlurryFlo’s patented design, only the trim components are exposed to erosive flow. Once they do eventually wear out, the parts can be replaced on site, resetting the service life clock. A quick trim replacement essentially provides the client with a new valve at a fraction of the cost.
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