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At the heart of every Extraction plant in the Canadian Oil Sands, high performance valves are used to control the withdrawal of middlings from Primary Separation cells into secondary bitumen recovery. This fine slurry removal process avoids build up within the vessel and allows for the higher quality bitumen recovery.

Special Alloy Fabricators provides complete service from Engineering to manufacturing under one roof. This allows for custom engineered designs and materials specific to your facilities needs.

The Problem

The fine suspended solids and coarse sand within the middlings result in an abrasive slurry that most control valves are unable to withstand. Often, v-port control valves, pinch valves, or knife gate valves used in these applications have a short service life and require replacement within only a few months of installation.

IPS UnderFlow
Slurry Valves

Facilities that have installed SlurryFlo control valves for their middlings withdrawal processes have seen a vast increase in reliability and service life, as well as reduced maintenance costs.

SlurryFlo Control Valves are designed to withstand extreme conditions such as the abrasive slurries within Oil Sands mines. Their custom engineered design allows for process control tailored to each application. Ongoing engineering support provides the option for further customization if the process or control narrative changes overtime. SlurryFlo control valves are an effective, cost-savings solution for Middlings Withdrawal.
Damaged Severe Service Ball Control Valve
SlurryFlo control valve for abrasive or erosive mining applications

The SlurryFlo Difference

SlurryFlo provides the following advantages in middlings withdrawal applications:
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Field replaceable wear components.
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Improved performance and reliability.
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Reduced maintenance costs.
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Tailored process control.
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3-10x longer service life.
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Ongoing engineering support.
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Lower total cost of ownership.
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